when it feels like spring

When I saw the video that was made by Gregarious Peach for Pearl and the Beard, I was smitten.  Not only was the music created  by a band of whom one of my life-long friends is a part of, but the video.  THE VIDEO! Did you see it? I just sat there thinking, “I want to do that. I want that to be my child smiling and laughing. I want to look at that in ten, twenty, thirty years and smile.” Then I saw this post, also by Gregarious Peach, and I knew that I could do it.  Why not. I taught myself to take and edit pictures, why not film? So, this is it. My first go.  My first time stringing together moving pictures.  I dont know how to color. It is far from perfect.  But I’m so in love because they are my kids, and they are happy, and it was a beautiful day, and now I will never forget it (and neither will they!).

Untitled from Meg Fahrenbach on Vimeo.

Music: by Kat Edmonson

Inspired by Gregarious Peach

  • Love it! I am doing the same thing on my blog… starting to include video that I shoot and roughly edit together because it is part of our families story and because I enjoy it :)

  • BAM

    This little video makes me feel warm and glowy. Your little ladies are lovely, Meg! You are all so lucky to have one another!

  • Awesome video!!! Just made my day.

  • Giovanna

    Wow- my friend is so amazingly talented and such an amazing mother!!!!!! xoxoxo