{Two Peas…} Westfield, New Jersey Child Photographer

Sometimes (read: usually) when we go out on a little family outing, I will bring my camera with the specific purpose of doing a little mini session with my kids.  They are tough to photograph, mainly because they are little, but also in part to the fact that the camera is in their face 24/7 so it is hard for them to distinguish between when I’m trying to get “the shot” or I’m just messing around.

Anyways, the other day we took a stroll down to the park (right around the corner – have a mentioned that I LOVE our new house?) and I tried to do more of a session with them.  It was relatively successful :)

  • Beautiful! I love these outdoor shots, great work.

  • Mairin

    Oh my goodness – the one of Brie laying down with her hand on her face – SO AMAZING!!!

  • ok, 5th from the bottom is killing me. seriously. it is beyond beautiful. the colors, her little hand, the grass, EVERYTHING Maegan! Probably my fav pic that ive ever seen of yours! (i love them all, but that is just… WOW!)