{Thousand Moments} New Jersey Photographer

“I still remember the day the world took you back & there was never time to thank you for the thousand scattered moments you left behind to watch us while we slept.” – Storypeople

Thanks to my friends (the BLBs) who were kind enough to send me these beautiful flowers.  They’re for me and my family and I’ve captured them to share with you in memory of my grandmother who passed away yesterday.  23 years to the day after my sister.  I hope the two of them are together and happy with the rest of our family and friends who have left this world and moved on to the next.

I’ve been away from posting and picture taking in general for a bit.  I came down with a bad case of gastroenteritis that took me nearly a week to get over, following by the passing of my grandmother.  I missed a whole bunch of days with my 365 because of it, so I’m going to have to change the project around a bit.  I think instead of a picture a day, I’ll go month by month.  My goal will be 20 pictures a month.  That way I’ll still be able to collect enough pictures of the girls to put together in a book but I won’t feel the pressure of the 365.  I was doing so well too. Oh well.

I’ll be gone for a few more days, but I’m here, and I’m hanging in there.  Thanks again for all of the kind words from my friends.  It means so much to me, just knowing that you are there.  I love you all.


  • I know that you missed days in your 365 but you’ll be back to it. Why don’t you fill those days that you did not shoot photos with words instead? Your plan is to put these images into a book I think you write beautifully and your words would be a treasure in the place of the missing 365 photos.

    I feel your pain, Meg. You know I know this pain. It’s the most intense and real and comes at your fast when you’re not expecting it. You are strong and I know you will pull from the depths of yourself, I’ve seen you do it before.

    Hang in there. I am still working on that care package. :)

    Thinking of you,

  • lovely images~so soft. Sorry for your sad events~sending hugs your way :)

  • hugs to you meg. i didn’t remember about your sister. what a rough anniversary for you and your family. hopefully the thought of them together again helps. peace to you, and don’t forget march is on it’s way!

  • I’m so sorry for your loss, Meg. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.