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Remember yesterday’s post?  Well, let me tell you a bit about the series of events to get that shot :)

First, I set up the tripod with my camera, and set the focus.  I’m not sure what happened to my remote, so I know I have to do this thing on a timer.

Next, I sit down Brie and engage her in an activity.  AKA – flipping through her If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book that has all of the “if you give a” stories.  I know this will give me about 5 minutes to get “the shot”.  Not much time, but doable.

Then, I start the routine of setting the timer and jumping into the frame in a “natural, casual, with a little bit of sexy” kind of way.  Aubrie looks up from her book the first time she hears the shutter.  She walks over to my tripod and yells, “CHEEEEEEEESE” (who taught her that? I didn’t).  She then starts copying everything I do.  Go behind the camera. Look through the viewfinder (which she can’t reach, so she looks at the handle of the tripod).  Walk in front of the camera. Stand, wait, pose. Walk back to the camera.

It was so darn cute, I couldn’t stand it.  It’s amazing how it is an activity that she is so used to seeing, that she actually uses it as pretend play, in the same way that she would “cook” at her little kitchen, or give one of her dollies a bath.

She actually only ended up in one of my pictures – I just had to post the outtake :)

Have a happy Tuesday!



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  • That is such an incredibly adorable story. I can see one of my girls doing that. They say cheese too and I promise I DID NOT teach them that! She’s adorable there, all blurry and cute.