The Sister Quilts

In early 2010, we began preparing for the move to our current home.  We had the opportunity to pick paint for all of the rooms before we moved in, and since the girls wanted their room to be purple, I knew that I wanted absolutely no pink or purple in their bedding.  And so my search began.
I wasn’t happy with any of the bedding that I was finding, so I decided to make it myself.  Of course it took me a year to finish my first quilt, but I did it!  You can see it below left.  It then took me an entire year to finish the second one, bottom right.

Title:   The Sister Quilts, 2010-2012

Dimensions:   Each quilt measures 62″ x 72.5″
Fabric:   I have absolutely no idea what any of the fabric is, and I cut the fabric for them almost 2.5 years ago, and I didn’t think to write down any of the fabric lines or manufacturer names.  Truth be told, if I were to make these quilts again, I would probably have stayed clear of about 90% of the fabric in these quilts.  I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that I was going to cut the fabric into all different sized squares and sew them together (which is probably the only part of the quilt that went according to plan).
The Process:   I went into the quilt shop with paint swatches of the room color, and swatches of what colors I wanted in the quilts.  I absolutely love the finished quilts, but like I said, I wouldn’t have picked these fabrics.  Basically the lady in the quilt shop was pushy and picked out fabrics that she thought would work, and here we are.  Again, I love the quilts, but because of that lady and some of the fabrics, a little (teeny tiny) part of me cringes when I see them.  I guarantee that I will be making more quilts for my girls at some point.
Quilting:   I made a simple 4″x4″ grid on line using a water soluble pencil.
What needs to be done:   Labels, of course! I certainly made these before I knew to label them, although you can see in the pictures above, I added a spot on the back of each one for a custom label.
Next time:   If I mark lines for quilting using a pen or pencil, I will do it on the wrong side.  I will also make my label first and sew it into the backing so that I can avoid having to applique it on, unless that is the look I am going for.
Overall, the girls love the quilts, they look great in their rooms, and they are super soft and cuddley! They were also a great way to start quilting as they are both twin sized, so I feel like if I finished a quilt this size, I can do anything!

What is the biggest quilt that you have ever finished?  Do you find the bigger the quilt, the more difficult it is to see it through to the end?