The Polaroid Sew-Along: Polaroid Project Inspiration

The Polaroid Sew-Along Inspiration

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Everyone is chugging along on their Polaroids! It really has been great watching everyone’s progress, and I know that ideas are beginning to sprout in participants minds in regards to what to actually do with the blocks. There is a lot of fantastic inspiration out there, and so today I’m here to give you a few ideas on finishing!


Quilts are a common theme out there, and with good reason. It gives you the chance to showcase a whole lot of polaroids in a large quilt, or a couple of really really special polaroids in a mini. Quilts are like a big blank canvas that give you the opportunity to play with color, design, and layout. Here are some quilts that I hope you find inspiring!

This quilt from Now What Puppilalla? is colorful and showcases an interesting layout. Don’t be afraid of color, and if you don’t have enough Polaroids to fill the whole quilt, don’t be afraid of negative space!


I realize that this quilt by Michael Ann isn’t a polaroid quilt, but didn’t she do a fantastic job with color and layout on these economy blocks? I could totally see wonky tilted polaroids with colorful frames on a white background. What a gorgeous quilt it would make!


Jo Westfoot‘s Polaroid Quilt from Issue 37 of Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine is awesome. Two sizes of polaroids work together in an systematic way to create added interest. Along with the color placement – wow! This quilt is a show stopper! And let me just take a minute to say that I didn’t even realize that I had this issue in my personal library until I found this image. I pulled it out and thumbed through the pages – it is one solid issue!


I found this absolutely magnificent polaroid quilt over on Free Bird Quilting Designs website. I am just blown away by how the polaroids were pieced together using a large assortment of neutral scraps. Talk about eye candy. Not to mention the quilting! Adds the perfect amount of texture.


“Go Big or Go Home” doesn’t need to apply to Polaroid Quilts! You can create a big impact with color selection, placement, and quilting texture on Mini Quilts as well! Check out this mini over at Perismon Dreams.



Don’t think that you are limited to quilts with this Sew-Along! There are so many other project ideas, one of my favorites being Pillows! I love having a large collection of pillow covers that I can rotate on my counches. It keeps the pillows looking fresh and helps keep the room inspiring! Check out the couple of pillow examples that I found for you!

Johanna from Stuff I Made created this awesome pillow using drop shadow polaroids! I love how they appear to really pop off of the pillow. I also love the quilting. Not only does quilting add interest, but it gives the pillow cover some needed stability!


Another great example of a piece that uses a variety of solids as the sashing to add big impact!! I just LOVE this pillow over at Jeli Quilts!

Ange from A Little Patchwork also created an incredibly bright and fun pillow cushion! All the heart eyes!


Pouches + Bags

The idea of creating a tote with polaroids has really been calling out to me. I think I’m going to give in and put my energy (and blocks) towards creating a Polaroid Tote Bag! YES! Here are some other ideas for Polaroid pouches and bags.

Polkadot Chair has created this adorable pouch with Polaroids and black gingham. Um, yes please?!


Debbie from A Quilter’s Tale created a drawstring pouch using the Drawstring Bag Pattern from In Color Order. SO clever.


Noodlehead super tote! Essex linen and Tsuru, quilt as you go method on front pocket (also added a back pocket), quilted gussets, used double layers of interfacing. This tote is awesome!! Great pattern, easy to follow, perfect size!

Ok, again, I know that this isn’t a polaroid project, but can’t you visualize a bunch of polaroids on the front of this bag using the QAYG method? It would be fantastic!

That’s all I have for you guys today. I hope that this post gave you some good ideas for your projects and has inspired you to think creatively!

Happy Sewing!!

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