The Blank Canvas

When I was in school at The School for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, there was always a lot of talk about the “blank canvas,” and the hesitation and intimidation that went along with it.  I really felt like people were just psyching themselves out, and that the tension was contagious.  I really tried to ignore it.  I found that if I kept myself centered and I dove right in, and just got to work, and allowed myself the space and freedom to be me, pretty soon the “canvas” wasn’t blank anymore. Sometimes I was “successful” in that I would walk away with a piece that felt right to me, and really reflected what I was trying to accomplish, whether a word, a feeling, a mood.  When it felt right, and I was happy with what I had done, there was usually positive feedback from my peers and professors.  

More often the work was ok… not really ground breaking, and not really a glimpse into any magical moments, but that work was important too.  They were like the stepping stones that would lead me up to that “successful” pieces.

I suppose that is what happened with this little hoop.  I’ve been working on these little guys, embroidering happy little thoughts and phrases here and there. Practicing stitches, techniques, really getting a feel for the art of embroidery.  I was really happy with the work I’ve been doing, and feeling good that people have been expressing interest in having these in their home! Amazing!
And then I had an idea and I just went for it.  I put down the initial, and then just let the stitches go where they would for the remaining space. It felt so good.  So so good.

So I am going to start working through these sweet little gems.  They are a little more time consuming, and they are also a little more original and unique than some of the other pieces that I have in my shop, and they are priced accordingly.

I personally feel like these are really sweet little gifts.  Perfect for a baby shower gift or a gift to a new mom.  A great personal gift to add to a wedding present.  Know a family who has moved in to a new home?  Excellent house warming gift.  These would also be great to hang on a christmas tree or on garland, so consider Christmas gifts!

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