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I absolutely love weeks 20-40 during my pregnancies.  A lot of women dislike this time because the growing baby makes you absolutely exhausted (and huge).  I love it because we always find out the gender of the baby at our 20 week ultrasound, which lets us have bonding time with our little growing babe.  I get to work on designing the nursery, I get to start washing our tubs and tubs of baby clothes, and I can start stocking the dresser.  We start thinking about names, and I love “trying on” names.

Yesterday was our 20 week ultrasound, and we decided to have some fun with the reveal.  We had two types of balloons in the house, the generic blue for boy and pink for girl.

When we got home from the ultrasound last night, we took all the balloons into another room, and we bundled up the appropriate color in a blanket (and kept the other “gender” hidden from prying eyes!).  This is what happened once we had the balloons wrapped up in the blanket…

That’s right, we’re having ANOTHER girl!  Can you believe it?

I sort of can.  A (very large) majority of people believed that #3 was going to be our first boy.  But no!  We will have 3 beautiful little girls.  One thing is certain, we are in for a WILD ride!

This morning I took the time to write all of the names of people who left a “girl” comment on the giveaway post (I also included a name or two of people from facebook who had asked to leave their comment there) BEFORE our ultrasound @ 4:00 EST.  There were 12 names added to “the pot” (the other 25 votes were for BOY!)…

I had my little helper put them in my winter hat, mix them up, and pull one out…

and the winner is…

Annemarie!  Congrats to you!  I will contact you with more information on how to claim your prize!

Thank you all for playing along, for your comments, and for your enthusiasm.  We’ve gotten so much feedback and love from our friends and family :)  3 is such a magic number, and we really believe that three GIRLS is going to be extra amazing!

So, what’s next?  Picking out fabric for her bedding, converting the bed back into a crib to finish putting together the nursery, washing all of her clothes and stocking the dresser, and of course…

picking out her name!  We have a pretty good idea as to what we are going to name her, but we’re going to “try it on” for a few weeks to see if it sticks!

Thanks again for playing along!



  • Rachel

    Congratulations!! How exciting :)

  • Theresa

    Such Awesome News! I’m so Happy for your whole family. How exciting xoxo

  • Another girl! Congratulations!

  • aaaand the video made me cry