{Summa-time} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

I guess it’s time to face the music. Spring (if you can even call it that) seems to have vanished in a mysterious and confusing haze.  We’ve had temperatures close to 100 and extreme humidity for days on end, but now it seems we’re back into a comfortable low-80s trend.  I just wish the weather would make up its mind.  Regardless of the confusing temperatures and relative humidity, we’ve been doing summer-y things…

like eating watermelon…

digging, building, and making trouble in the sand box…

running through the ridiculously cold turtle sprinkler…

cooking up delicious treats that are guilt free…

and admiring the one flowering plant that we have in our garden…

all images Instax 210 with Fujifilm Instax Wide

It has been glorious.  I was quickly reminded about how much I love my backyard!

I just want to quickly rant about landscapers before I go.  Why is it that they just don’t show up?  How do these people stay in business?  We hired someone back in the early weeks of May to come out and finish our spring clean-up and rototill our front garden beds.  The spring clean-up was done (and he charged us an extra hour in the process), but he never showed up to do the beds.  I wanted to have the beds tilled, mulched, and planted before the baby comes.  I took care of this MONTHS ago, and yet here I am, 39 weeks pregnant with no landscaping.  It is seriously the bane of my existence at this point.  I absolutely cannot till those beds on my own, and I have been talking about having it done for FOURTEEN MONTHS.  I want to give someone my money to do it.  I don’t even want them to mulch and plant. I just want them to bring their stupid machine, cut up the ground, and haul away the grass.  And in exchange I will give cash.  Cold, hard, cash. At this point, I’m even considering giving MORE cash than I originally agreed to.

And now here we are, facing hot temps.  You know what that means?  That means that the cute little plants that COULD HAVE been planted in the spring, and watered by nature’s miracle (you know, RAIN), and established their roots and growth in cooler temps are now going to be planted in the heat of the summer.  And I’m going to have to haul my ass out into the garden 2 times a day to water.  And I’m going to lose more than the average 10% of the plants that I put in because I’m going to be feeding a baby and forget to water the stupid plants.

So at this point, why should I even bother?  Because every time I walk in the front door I flinch at the barely there mulch and the lack of plants and how it takes five years for a garden to mature and we’ve lost another freaking year.

Ok, rant over. I’m going to the nursery now to waste more money on annuals so that I can at least pretend to sleep at night.

  • Cute kids and those photos bring back so many memories for me of when I was young! As for the landscapers, UGH, I have no idea how some people stay in business but it seems like roofers, general contractors, landscapers, electricians, etc sometimes cannot be counted on and that’s just horrible! If I lived closer, even though I don’t know, I’d send my husband over to take care of the dirt for you in a heartbeat :)

  • Your rant made me laugh out loud. I was just ranting to someone this morning after I called the landscapper for the second time this week. I wish I was so busy with my business that I did not need to return client phone calls, geesh! Looking forward to seeing more images of your summer fun.

  • Jennifer

    If it makes you feel better. I lost 90% of my plants in my back yard to the dogs. Granted they do a great job turning the soil when they dig, but they, especially the puppy, turned my herb garden, minus the mint, into a see of brown in less an afternoon. They even ate most of the evidence. More seriously some plants had to find new homes on a neighbor’s property because they posed a serious toxic threat to the dogs (like the clematis and rose of sharon..the peach tree stays, and the tend to leave it alone, but the birds don’t).

    A month ago, we had a sprinkler system put in, and the controls needed to be placed in my front garden beds. Instead of asking me to relocate my day lilies, my husband told them to just dig them up! Seriously???!?!?!?

    So I feel for frustration in not having the garden you want. I’m essentially back to square one and the holly is really starting to irritate me. It’s just too much and too formal and too….all by itself.

    I guess this is my chance to learn how to garden with animals in mind, heck maybe even get bold and plant edibles in the front gardens (only after I am able to brave the 100+ temps to get the rest of the weeds out) because I seriously doubt I will ever be able to establish a backyard plant oasis with (2) 100-lbs “pups” digging away.

    Worry about the gardens tomorrow, worry about Meg and Lily today:) Not much longer!!