Starburst Quilt

Title: Starburst Quilt for Baby Emilia

Dimensions: a 43″ x 53″  baby quilt

Fabric: I worked very closely with Emilia’s mom to pick out the fabrics for this quilt.  There are a wide range of neutrals used in mint, teal, tan, cream, and gray!

The Process: I used the Stargazer Quilt Pattern designed by Lunden Designs for the template and general layout, and then I added borders to get it to size. I also binded it by machine using my go-to method.

Quilting: Quilting lines followed the diagonal lines created by the starbursts. I quilted about 1/4″ on either side of the seam.

What Needs to be Done: All that has to happen now is a whole bunch of cuddling.  This quilt was sent to sweet Emilia last week with a coordinating personalized pillow.

For Next Time: I will make this larger, and with fabrics with more contrast.  I love how calming and low-volume this quilt is, but I’d be interested to see it in some bright colors too.

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