{Sneak Peek} New Jersey Family Photography

I had the great honor of photographing the {B} family today.  They are a big group, not just in numbers, but in personality as well. I left the shoot exhausted.  Not in the “ugh” kind of way, but in that “wow, that was a lot of fun and I don’t think I stopped to take a break in that entire hour and a half” kind of way.

There were 9 adults and 10 children.  19 people!  But, ever minute of it was exciting, and the adults were just as fun and carefree as the kids.  What an amazing family.

Here are a few shots from today.  I hope the {B} family enjoys them!




**As I said on Friday, I have a number of holiday cards to post as a part of the basic cheer and merrymaking mini sessions.  I would prefer not to clump it all into one post so I am going to wait until tomorrow to post some examples.  Be sure to check back!**

  • Looks great, Meg! So glad this turned out well :)

  • Farleigh

    I love the photos! This wonderful family gives new meaning to the expression “Just because two people loved each other!”

  • You did a great job! Loved the staircase you were able to use 😉

  • cool!
    I am amazed at all those kiddos in one shot! Great job!

  • WHOA! what a big family! Great job capturing everyone’s beautiful smiles, Meg… Amazing job!