{Slowing Down} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside since we’ve moved, which is great for taking in the change of seasons.  In the mornings when we’re out, we usually head to the park or playground.  In the afternoons, we just have free play in the backyard.  I try to slow down during this afternoon time in order to really experience the amazing changes that are happening all around.  Yesterday I got low to the ground to witness all of the things that have started to fall.  Acorns, leaves, pine cones – they are all creating a thick blanket on top of a lawn of green and brown wirey grass, moss and mushrooms.

And the leaves! Spectacular leaves showing off their range of colors.  Some hold on longer than others.  If left undisturbed, this one may eventually be nothing but a web of delicate veins veiling the grass.

Have you looked down lately?  How about up?  The changes are here, no matter how subtle!