{Slowing Down} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

We’ve been so busy here lately, that I can feel myself pulling in.  I read somewhere recently (and of course can’t find the link – MUST BOOKMARK) about the cycle that creative types go through. We have busy time where we create create create, and we wear down.  Then, as the cycle ends, we get very excited, plan a gazillion new projects, are completely overwhelmed by the insane amount of awesome new ideas and collaborations, and then shut down completely, not being able to devote the time or energy to all of the awesomeness.  That sort of happens to me – every fall and spring.  So in an attempt to neutralize the whole “shutting down” side of things, I’m slowing down.  Setting realistic due dates, being honest about what I can handle, and being sure to give myself enough personal time to split between myself, my husband, and my kids.  So far, we’re in a little bubble, sorta floating through this crazy time.  Maybe we’re leaning in a little, hoping not to pop it, but really so far so good…

But I’m sure to allow myself the time to sit and slow down. To enjoy doing things that that I find sacred.  To set goals, and then allow myself the reward of peace upon completion.  It’s a pretty cool system…

But I’m still exhausted by 8pm…

Let yourself slow down



ps – I really want to put up more about my halloween tips, but I can’t take sample pictures because its POURING!  Hopefully by the end of the week!

  • So glad to see you knitting again. It is my salvation some days. I hope we can knit together someday soon.

  • It feels good to pick it up again :) And you know what? When I saw the Tea House post about the new yarn the first thing I thought was, “Man, I hope I get to sit and knit with her some day!!”

  • Wonderful post. And I really want those knitting needles!

  • I’ll join you if you promise not to show bias with a crocheter. I can only knit a knot at best.

  • I know the feeling of that cycle – I go through it quite regularly! I hope you feel on top of things soon.