{Sleepyhead} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

So, as it turns out, my print was chosen by Hipstamatic for Best of Show, and I’m going to be flown out to LA to photograph Passion Pit! This is just… amazing.  Photography is such an important part of my life… of who I am.  Music is incredibly influential and often sparks my creativity.  To be in a situation in which I get to experience the two in such an intimate way is… well, a dream come true.

I’ve been listening to Passion Pit for awhile now, and when I saw the Hipstamatic contest, I knew I had to enter.  After reading through the contest details and guidelines, I shot the above image.  I have a tendency to get mental pictures – snapshots – when I listen to some songs, and Sleepyhead is definitely one of those songs.  It happens to be on of my favorite songs, and one of the first things I thought of was a shot from ground level, in an alley lined with brick buildings, shooting down the street, highlighting wet and gravely pavement with a few puddles here and there.  The next thing I thought of was sun flare and an almost infra-red skies (which is funny because those two ideas seem worlds apart to me). When I read the name of the contest was “Dreamland”, I started shooting with the flare in mind.  We just happened to be driving on the GW Bridge at the time, and George provided to be a nice landmark to help the flare really pop 😛 This was one of two shots that I took.

So, I leave on Saturday, with my iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic App ready to go.  I’ll try not to forget my charger.  There is only one thing weighing heavy on my mind…

Leaving these guys behind for a few days.  I know they are in good hands, but this is the first time we’ll be away from each other over night (let alone three nights).  This trip is going to be SO good for Matt and me, and so amazing, and I am so grateful in so many ways… but still, I can’t stop that little (um… big) piece of my heart that aches when I think about leaving them.  And I don’t think that it’s a feeling that I’ll ever get used to.  Not when they go to a sleep over or (gasp) sleep away camp.  Not when they go on vacations with friends, or when they take their sophomore year trip to the UK.  Certainly not when they go away to college, definitely not when they get married.  But I guess I’m getting ahead of myself.  I’ll bring a little something with me to remind me of them (like, hi, how about the 50 million pictures of them on my phone, isn’t that enough?), we’ll do Facetime at least twice every day (see, I NEEDED an iPhone 4!), and then, before we know it, we’ll be back in each other’s arms snuggling again and breathing each other in.

So anyways, you may not hear from me over the next couple of days.  I may try to upload a few of the shots that I’m taking to flickr, twitter, and FB, so if you don’t follow me in any of those places, now would be a good time!  And Passion Pit will be posting my images from the show on their website (squeeeeee!!!) so you can check on over there too!



  • you rock, meg. that is all.

  • Mairin

    Wow! Aubrie looks like a little girl, not a baby anymore!

  • Hello! Wow, that’s fantastic about the contest. I love Hipstamatic. Can’t wait to hear all about it. I’ll be back! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’d heard about you from Dan and am happy we connected!

  • go rock it and think of the hugs that await you on your return! congrats!!!!!! xo