{Recovery} Westfield, New Jersey Photorapher

We’ve been having a lot of this and that these past few days.  Luckily, we’re on the road to recovery, but a lot of our “in-between” moments have been less than ideal.

We’ve been trying to take it easy, and I’ve been really depending on the girls to help me with the baby here and there (so that I can, you know, use the bathroom and such)…

and even on days when it is 14 degrees out, dearest Aubrie still wants to believe that it is the middle of the summer.  Poor girl just HATES winter!

I can’t say that I mind too much though.  This has all given me a good reason to slow down, snuggle up, and rest.

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  • that first picture … oh my. it actually made me crack up laughing. but i can say that because i have sooooo been there. you deserve a year of healthy babies and kids, meg.