{Recovery} Westfield New Jersey Family Photographer

A cold has made its way through our ranks.  As my Gram (and mom) always (always) say, “three days comin’, three days stayin’, three days goin’.” We’re all in different places on the “life of a cold” cycle, but just about to “three days goin’.”  Colds in our family have a tendency to amplify our daily “cranky” times.   You know, that magic time between nap and dinner where everyone just feels like moaning and whining.  It’s an unbearable time when the girls are sick, seeing as it is practically unbearable even without the colds.

And just a note to say that I think it’s crazy that the entire five years we lived in the country, I didn’t see a deer in our wooded lot ONCE (though we did have foxes!), but now that we are living in the suburbs I saw a deer wander across our front yard as I typed this.  And the rabbits?  Out. Of. Con.Trol.

  • I know JUST what you mean!!!

  • Granna

    You’re going to start calling the rabbits by “special” names just like I do. Wait till they bite off your flowers and then spit them out. They are just mean.

  • No deer here, but don’t get me started on the rabbits. We’ve been in this house about 6 years and we see about 3 generations of rabbits each year. Last year, they did serious damage to my veggies. I now they are a creation of God, but darnit, with all the dandelions in the yard, why’d they have to munch the lettuces, peas, green beans and beets?

  • You certainly have a green thumb, Meg! Your flowers and your pictures are gorgeous!