Raising Butterflies



We have raised and released butterflies 3 times this year. The experience is amazing and the kids absolutely love the process of receiving our little baby caterpillars in the mail.  It is so cool to see them eat eat eat, and then transform.  The first two times I ordered the caterpillars on my own, but the third time we lucked out and these little beauties were sent home with T after school one day.  Her Kindergarten teacher is one of the kindest people I have ever met.  The caterpillars came a little bit too late in the year to share with the class, so she sent them home with T knowing how much she loves science.  A perfect match, not only because T loves this sort of thing *so* much, but also because my butterfly garden was the perfect home for the ladies once they were released.


Have you raised butterflies? We also released ladybugs this year, and I am thinking that next year we may do worms and some praying mantis!