{Problematic Sneak Peek} Westfield, New Jersey Baby Photographer

You may remember Baby {J} from the shots I got of him at the NICU and his Newborn Session.  This is another family that went with a Grow With Me Plan, which means that I had a 6 month session with them this weekend, and I have two more sessions coming up with them before the close of 2011.  Photographing babies and families such as this one is problematic.  After some consideration, I’ve come up with two main issues.  The first, and perhaps the most serious, is that when you come across a family this lovely, and just so beautiful, that it instantly makes you want to go home and increase your own families numbers.  Luckily I am already pregnant, so this first issue only added to my own excitement of expecting number 3. I mean, look at him.  Look at Baby {J}. LOOK AT HIM!  And his parents.  Look at them!!! LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!  Are you looking? Good.

The second issue is primarily on my end as a photographer.  When shooting sessions, less is more.  It makes it easier to sort through the images for processing, it gives you a more solid body of work to present to your clients, and it makes their job of choosing images easier.  When shooting sessions with little ones such as Baby {J}, this is very very difficult.  If I could have, I would have just held the shutter down the entire time I was with him.  But then I’d be a videographer and not a photographer, so I should stop complaining and do the job that I am confident I can do.  So, here I am faced with the daunting task of sorting the images.  Do you know how difficult it was for me to choose ONE for the sneak peek?! Agonizing.  But blissful agony, you know what I mean? Check out the perfect little face that I had to inspect:

Special thanks to the {M} Family for a wonderful Saturday afternoon.  It was great seeing you after all of this time, and it was a pleasure to dote over little Baby {J}!