Planning is a good thing for me to be doing right now.  I’m not sure when, but sometime in July I blacked out, and hit my head on a porcelain sink.  As I fell, I also smacked my head against a tile floor, and my neck/shoulders/back were affected pretty badly from what was basically whip-lash.  I’ve been in and out of the hospital, and have seen multiple doctors, and really all that I can do now is heal.
I have been suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome for (I believe) 6 weeks now.  I’m really not sure because my husband isn’t home right now to give me the numbers.  I am experiencing pretty bad short term memory loss (which is why I have no clue when all of this happened), emotional instability, dizziness, headaches (oooooh the headaches! 6 weeks of headaches!), and of course back/neck/shoulder pain from the fall, among other things.  It has been really hard, and having to care for my 3 little girls has been incredibly challenging.
So I have been trying to do things that do not take too much concentration (ie: math and focus), but still make me feel like I am accomplishing something.  When day after day I feel no improvement (and some days I even regress), it is so important to do something that makes me feel like I am still me.   
Do you have any projects that you are working on that you don’t really have to think about?
Other than the more obvious symptoms, I am also struggling with one more thing…

I am buying fabric because I found the perfect quilt/project/etc…

then I forget that I bought it.
It shows up at my door…

and I have no recollection of buying it.
I have no idea what pattern or idea I had…

and now I have these bundles of fabric,
just sitting and waiting to be transformed.
What projects are you working on right now?  I would love to make some lap sized or queen sized quilts with these bundles.  I was thinking of making this quilt, and I would love to make these pillows.  But then there is this cutie patootie skirt, but I also have a thing for string blocks, as in a “I want to try them” thing.  But then, maybe I should just keep it simple and do some flying geese.

Good thing I’m writing this down, otherwise I would forget it all!

Have you seen any quilts lately that you just HAVE to make?  Please share them with me – I promise not to forget!

  • So sorry to hear about this! Unfortunately, I have no sewing advice for you as I’m very new to it; I’ve seen tons of quilts I’d love to try but don’t know the official names or anything. When I need to do something simple, I knit stockinette, like a simple pair of socks or something.

    Hope you fully recover soon! I can imagine how tough it must be to go through that with 3 little ones at home. At least you bought some gorgeous fabric even if you can’t remember doing so.

  • Oh my gosh Meg – that is awful! Are your other girls old enough to help out a bit with Lily? Or young enough that they all still nap? As for project ideas, I think the ones you linked to look great or how about a QAL? I’ve joined a few but haven’t actually started yet since my machine broke but that might be an idea. Or maybe just a simple patchwork quilt with those beautiful fabrics?

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