{Perfection Protest} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

So this week there is a Perfection Protest going on.  As  you can see from that link, as well as from a few of the blogs I visit, perfection doesn’t stand a chance. So, I’ve added my own little image, and in my mind I’ve gone though a list of the things that make me imperfect.  I normally share stuff like this, but I’ve decided this time to keep my list to myself.  I would like to embrace my imperfection, hold it as my own, accept it, and allow it to work with me.  The whole “perfect/imperfect” thing is all perception anyway, no?

So, here is a reminder to myself to allow myself to “just be”. In doing so, I will protest perfection, embrace my imperfection, and make room for growth.

Won’t you join us?

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  • Perfection is treated like a 4-lettered word in our house. It’s not allowed. It breeds contempt, delusion, false hopes and low self esteem. My son has a serious problem with that word. So much so that he’s come close to failing school despite his jaw-dropping intellect. He’d just assume do it “perfectly” the first time or not do it at all.

    I think he gets that from me, though I am not as extreme about it. I’ll do it and redo it and redo it until it’s well….that word.

    So we are both learning how to skirt it and recognize it’s negative impact.

    In the Gregory house, we stress the effort and the journey, not the end result.