{Peachy Keen} Westfield, New Jersey Food Photographer

Do you know Kristin?  If you don’t, you should check out both her blog and her flickr stream.  She is also a regular contributor over at Shutter Sisters.  She is one of those people whom I admire… I always look at her picture and read her stories and can’t help but feel a sense of calm and peace.  And, of course, when I see the things she does with her kids (like, you know, actually bundling up and leaving the house in below zero temps to go on some amazing adventure), I’m totally inspired to get off my rear and do something too.

So, when I saw her picture of peaches, I just about died.  And then when I saw the pictures of the pie she made, I was overwhelmed with envy.  And then when I went to the store and found peaches of my own, I was elated! Until I got home and found not a single. peach. recipe. in all of my books.

She was kind enough to share her recipe with me, and I baked that puppy up before you could say peachy keen!

The pie was finished within a day.  I couldn’t wait until Trader Joe’s got in another order of peaches!  I called this morning to see if it was on the delivery truck and you know what they said?! They said that last week was an “opportunity buy” and I just got lucky they had them.  They are not a part of their regular shipment, and there is NO TELLING when there will be another shipment.

Wow.  It is like the universe said to me, “Meg, you deserve a treat.  Here.  Peaches.” I just wish I took the universe seriously and bought more than one crate!

So please, go find yourself some peaches (it is perfect peach picking time, in case you didn’t know…) and bake yourself a pie.

I used the crust recipe from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook and the filling is this recipe from Honey & Jam.

As an aside, I have a special place in my heart for food blogs, and I’d never been to this one before.  Her photography is amazing and her recipes are GREAT.  It sort of makes me want to start my own photography food blog. Because. You know. I have so much time on my hands so why not. lol. Anyway, please go over there and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.
Edited to Add: I was contacted by the growers who supply Trader Joe’s!  Just want to say “thanks” to Wawona Packing for their unbelievably delicious peaches! They are really the stuff that dreams are made of :) xo

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  • oh meg yay for the universe giving you the gift of peaches. what a sweet gift that was. and i am so happy to share that recipe and that it worked for you and you loved it.

    we have to savor the sweet moments like these. i will miss this when those “sero temps” arrive all too soon. lol