{Oh, hello…} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

Has it been close to three weeks since I’ve posted? Really? Wow.

We’re all still here, just taking things a little slow.  Time seems to be flying, so we’re really just doing our best at spending it together and appreciating the moments.

We’re all preparing for the arrival of Lily in our own ways.  The girls know something is up, they know she could really come at any time now.  They are aware of all of the little changes that have been taking place, like mommy scrubbing the kitchens and bathrooms from floor to ceiling, the cradle being put together in mommy and daddy’s room, the addition of a car seat in the car, etc.

Our little Brie-Bear isn’t particularly concerned.  She knows that she is getting a little sister, but she still thinks that we’re just going to pick her out of a stroller walking down the street. If only it were that easy. Right now, she is too busy with her own day to day to development to really understand what having a newborn in the house is going to mean.  Every day, she seems to grow with her speech, her interests, and her opinions.  Aaaah, her opinions.  She certainly has plenty.  Instead of just following Thaya around, she know comes up with her own play ideas, and that has been creating some tension between the girls.  Nothing for a mama to do but model how to use your words, and guide them in that.

Thaya has a bit more of a grasp on what it is going to mean to have a new baby.  She already has a younger sister, and even though she doesn’t really remember what it was like when we brought Aubrie home, she has a vague sense of what is going on.  And she totally understands that Lily is in my belly, she is getting bigger, and there really is only one outcome – Lily is going to have to come out one of these days.

We’ve been having mild behavior issues, and I almost cringe to call them that because our girls really are so well behaved that it really is more of a change in behavior that we work through together opposed to a full blown problem.

Thaya is the type of child that you can really reason with.  The more of a dialog we have with her, and the more we explain, the more questions she can ask, and the better she feels.  Knowledge is power with this little one.  Aubrie seems to be emotionally invested in every little thing, every little change.  Thaya has a tendency to separate herself and take an evaluating look at things, she reasons through everything.  Another way in which our children’s personalities reflect my husband’s and mine.  Aubrie is a little Meggie clone, Thaya is a mini Matt.

…and speaking of Matt…

He’s totally psyched!