{more sweet and delicious treats!} Westfield, New Jersey Food Photographer

So, the other day I was on my own after a doctor appointment and had a little bit of extra time, so I decided to run to the store.  I didn’t have a list, which is always dangerous, but I think I did pretty good regardless.  I’ve been having a lot of fun photographing food lately, and I decided to get some strawberries to try out some more food shots.

The display was just so pretty, I really couldn’t resist.  The days have been so cold and gray lately, and these looked so juicy and yummy and hot with color!

As I was photographing them (and playing a bit with my flash, though it is only for a little bit of fill), I kept going over in my head the different recipes that I could use the strawberries for.  I could attempt strawberry shortcakes again, and hope they come out more fluffy.  Or, I could make up some strawberry parfaits for an afternoon snack.  Maybe I’d slice some up and add them to warm oatmeal in the morning.  There were a number of options, and they all seemed… well… great!

A little sideshow of possibilities was drifting through my head.  Apparently the thoughts weren’t the only things that were drifting… before I knew it, little fingers were creeping closer and closer to my little setup.  I thought, “oh, what’s the harm in letter her have just one? I still have some left in the kitchen…”

And then there were more little fingers.  And then there were some big fingers too. And before I knew it there were hands snatching up all my delicious potential treats! Please be sure to note the fort in the background of these next two pictures, held together with chip clips!

These little guys were so sweet and juicy!  Faces, chins, and finger tips turned rosy from the juice. There were little bits of shredded greenery stuck her and there on the pads of their fingers.  Before I knew it there was just one strawberry left, including the ones I thought I had stashed in the kitchen!  My dear, considerate husband fed those to the little ravenous beasts first to give me more time to take my pictures.  He sacrificed them for me!  There was just one lovely one left.  And you can bet that right after she took this picture, I tried to intercept her so that I could have a taste of at least one….

But no.  She was too fast and had the entire thing in her mouth before I took my hand off of the shutter release.

So that’s it.  That is the story of how I shot a basket of strawberries and it resulted in sweet sweet carnage!

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  • Rachel

    Yummo! Love the fort too! The photos you did get are beautiful.