{Mom 2.0 Exhibit: Defining a Movement} new jersey photographer

Over the past year, being a “photographer” has taken on many meanings to me.  It gives me a way to document my life.  It gives my children a record of moments from their lives that, even though they may not remember the details, all add up into the sum of their being.  It gives me an outlet for when I am overwhelmed with sorrow or loneliness.  It gives me a medium when I am overflowing with joy.  I use it as a tool to help support my family.  And when I take images like this (meaning the ones that make me cry every time I look at them) I can literally see what it is I feel inside as a woman, as a mother, as an artist.

I’m not sure whether you have heard of the mom 2.0 exhibit that is taking place right now.  I was asked to be a part of the exhibit which was just… monumental to me.  Along with being honored by being asked, I have also been having feelings of pride, enthusiasm, and empowerment.  To have two of my images up with women whom I admire is mind blowing.  I look at the others in the show and I see women, mothers, artists.  I see individuals who have these same overwhelming feelings as I do.  We share this stuff for ourselves, our families, our children, and others – other mothers, other families, other women.

You can see images of the images (*giggle*) over on Tracey Clark’s stream.  You can see a little write up about it on Karen Walnord’s blog.  And, of course, you can read more details about the exhibit on the Mom 2.0 Summit website.

  • That is wonderful and super exciting! What an amazing experience! I am so profoundly in support of the significance of such an event. How great that you are a part of it! xo

  • Congratulations!! It’s greatly deserved, you are so talented at capturing the little moments of life and turning them into art. Your photography is so inspiring, as is your willingness to share your life so openly with us.

  • Congrats!! How exciting to be asked to be a part of such an event! :)