Mod Triangle Quilt

Title: Mod Triangle Quilt with Sparrows and Arrows

Dimensions: approximately 57″ x 66″  Lap Size Quilt

Fabric: This quilt took 2 months to plan.  My customer had a very specific vision, and sometimes when you see the images of the fabrics online, they don’t give a really accurate representation of the color.  In general, specific colors are really hard to photograph.  In this instance, not being able to see all of the fabrics laid out together in order to see their relationship with one another was the issue.  We were able to make a bit of progress once we got everything up in Pinterest, but even once I had all the fabrics cut and on the design wall, we had to switch out the yellow!  We used the following colors in Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman for this quilt: light parfaitpetalsteelashsageice frappesalmonsnow, and from RJR Cotton Supreme Cottons I used Saffron for those lovely mustard triangles.  The quilt is bound in Kona Salmon.  The sparrow print is called Sparrows in Flight by Little Fish Creations, and the arrow print backing is Arrow by Myracle.  Both of the prints can be found on Spoonflower.

A note on Spoonflower.  I absolutely love that designers who have not been scooped up by the big name fabric companies have a place where they can sell their designs; however, I’m not a huge fan of the actual fabric.  The arrow print had a huge gap in the pattern repeat in the yardage that I purchased, which meant and extra seam on the back of the quilt.  I also find it to be rather expensive, even for the “lowest” quality that they offer.  For my custom quilts, I have a budget that I spend on the cost of fabric, and the cost of Spoonflower would have more than doubled my cost.  It is printed on Kona, but the fabric is very stiff – I’m assuming they need to heavily starch the material to print.  This may not bother some, but I personally am not a fan because I do not heavily starch my materials when I sew, so in order to sew it up with the Kona, there was a bit of inconsistency with the seams due to the difference in stiffness.  Oh well. Those complaints aside, I think that these Sparrows were essential in making this quilt AWESOME.  In order to have the prints, my customer agreed to pay for the Sparrow and Arrow prints out of pocket for this quilt, and I’m glad she did.  They are AMAZING.

The Process: I used my usual process for an equilateral triangle quilt. I also bound it by machine using my go-to method.

Quilting: Quilting lines followed the diagonal lines created by the triangles. I quilted about 1/4″ on either side of the seam.



What Needs to be Done:  This was mailed out to my customer, and she is absolutely thrilled.  It was exactly what she was hoping for!

For Next Time: I’m thinking that I need to make one of these in monotone – I’ll maybe throw in a bit of polka dot for fun!