{Miss Match Project Week 2} New Jersey Photographer

Miss Match Project Week 2 :: Vibrant ::

Left: Maile Lani

Right: Me

This week I was partnered up with an amazing woman named Maile.  Check out her website when you have a chance. She is incredible.  Anyway, our theme was vibrant, and this is what we came up with!  I love how both pictures seems to speak to me of color, imagination, and youth.  There are so many reasons why I love the Miss Match Project.  The first is that you and your partner are given a theme, and within a week you need to work together through email correspondence to come up with a set of images that speak to each other and to the audience.  The second reason why I love this project (and one of the main reasons I decided to participate) is that I get to collaborate with other female photographers who have a love and passion for the same thing I do.  Inevitably through the week I get little peeks into their lives (I’ve got to run to the cleaners today, but I’m going to try some shots out when I get home, etc), and get acquainted with someone that I may have otherwise gone my entire existence without even being aware of them.
Hope you are having an incredible weekend.  Enjoy our images, and jump over to Miss Match Project to see some more amazing shots!