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I always have tough pregnancies, so I rarely have the chance to do it regularly because of being sick, surgeries, etc., but at some point during each one I’ve tried to devote some time to prenatal yoga.  I know that yoga isn’t for everyone, but it has always been for me.  I’d love to be able to get into a regular practice again, something that I’d love to maintain after Lily is born.

I found for the other two pregnancies, that practicing yoga during those 40 weeks really allowed me to center my focus, practice my breathing, and learned how the discomfort and pain of labor can be productive and limitlessly rewarding.  Yes, it also benefits the body in regards to stretching, lengthening, and toning, but for me, yoga really helps me practice the necessary presence of mind needed for the big day.  For both of my girls, I worked through the hardest contractions (in the case of Brie, completely unmedicated and unassisted) taking a deep cleansing breath in, and a slow breath out.  And the best way for me to focus on the exhale?  By having a nice solid “mmmmmmm” of a hum that filled my mind, filled my presence, and took all of my attention off my temporary discomfort.

Today I attended my first class at Satsang Yoga Studio (and boy, did I love it!).  We opened and closed the class with a universal “Om”.  It immediately brought me back to my labors, and reminded me how to focus on that sound.  The sound resonated through my mind and body, I literally felt the vibration of it in my teeth and nose, and that is the strength that I need to tap into when Lily decides to make her appearance.

I know it won’t be easy, but I know that I can do it.  And I’m spending the time now, preparing my thoughts as much as I’m preparing my muscles.  I know it will be another one of the most challenging days of my life, but I’m going to approach it with confidence in myself.  I know that at the end of it all, I’m making the best choices for me, and the best for my babe.  For me, the more I depend on myself and my strength, and the less I need to depend on medications and interventions, the more control I feel I have over the outcome.  I know when it comes down to it, I’m going to show up, I’m going to work through it, and I’m going to be rewarded with instant clarity and bonding with my little Lily.  I can’t wait!

It has been driving me crazy that I’ve been sick, or the kids have been sick, or I’ve been in the hospital, or the girls have been in the hospital.  It means that I haven’t been able to exercise regularly since December.  I absolutely decided that I was going to do a better job with my weight gain with this peanut, and so far so good, but it is hard with so many setbacks.  I’ve been so happy that I’ve been able to get back into a somewhat regular routine over the past two weeks, and I hope that I can keep it up!

And because we’ve been having such a rough few months, my dearest husband and I had a little fun with photoshop this afternoon.  Nothing lifts the spirit like lasers from the 90s.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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  • Meg, if that handsome man is your husband (pardon me!), I can’t think of a reason why we haven’t seen him more often before!! LOL!!
    I am so glad that you are enjoying pre-natal yoga, it did marvels on me while I was pregnant.
    Take care!