Love is Divine

This project was a biggie for me.  One of my dearest friends married her soul mate last October, and I was heartbroken that I couldn’t make it to the wedding.  I knew I had to do something special for them, and in keeping with tradition, I knew I had a year to figure it out and deliver it (wahoo!  I’m early!).

I guess this quilt it sort of symbolic, wheels with no beginning or end going on for ever, etc etc.  I think overall it is special because my relationship with my hubby is a strong one, and I feel like by making this for them, I transferred some of that strength into the quilt. I’m done with the mushy stuff now, I promise.

The quilt is also special because of the hand embroidered patch.  Again I made a circle, and inside I embroidered “love is divine,” the theme of their wedding.  I also added in “many happy returns,” as I hope that each day that they spend together is as divine as the last. By the way, next time I won’t do a personalized, hand embroidered patch.  It makes it much more difficult for me to keep the quilt for myself :)

Title: Love is Divine

Dimensions: 96″ x 96″ – A perfect queen size quilt!

The Process: Last year I took Curves Class with Rachel from Stitched in Color.  It was an awesome class, and the final project was a large wheel block baby quilt.  Since Lily already had a play mat / crib quilt, I decided to piece four blocks to make a larger quilt. I added a boarder and presto! – a queen size quilt.  I used the entire collection of Hello Luscious by BasicGrey for Moda for the front and back, along with yardage of Kona Solid in Natural.

This was a difficult quilt for me since I’d never done curves, I tried a new method of machine binding (based on this tutorial), and because of its size. Regardless, I am proud of it!  I am also a fan of the piecing on the back, and the embroidered patch.

Quilting: I wanted this to be especially soft and cuddly (the couple is newly married, and that is what I picture newlyweds doing. Cuddling.), so I did a spacious grid pattern with some diagonals to make sure that all of the minimum spacing requirements were met for the batting.  I also added a ring of quilting around the outside of each wheel.

What Needs to be Done: This lovely gift needs to be delivered to its new family!

For Next Time:  Next time I won’t hand embroider a personalized patch so that I can keep it for myself!  Kidding aside, I think next time I would do more intricate quilting in the negative space, or hand quilt it.

Next up! My project made with Heather Ross’s new line Nursery Versery for the contest over at Stitched in Color!

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  • What a lovely wedding gift…I love the fabric choices you made – looks like some vintage nicely thrown in. Circles intimidate me and I am impressed that you did classes to learn these. Your back panel is very special indeed.