{It’s Still There…} Westfield, New Jersey Fine Art Photographer

I think sometimes it is easy to get distracted by things that are outside of our control.  It is like a film that surrounds us – a sticky film bubble.  Sometimes it is hard to get past it because it is thick and heavy and stubborn.

But then, if we look through it – past it, beyond it, we can see that there is still beauty there, right in front of us.  We just have to get some windex and wipe away the film bubble.

I think the tricky part is allowing the beauty in.  Allowing it work its magic.  It doesn’t really do us much good if it is just sitting there staring us in the face.  We have to allow it an accept it.  It’s at that point that we can really break through the film and let the little wonders in life just explode in front of eyes, to really consume our vision.

Be on the lookout for exploding beauty this weekend.  When you find it, be sure to accept it :)