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So during that week between Christmas and New Year’s, a huge winter storm blew in and blanketed us in soft, fluffy, glorious whiteness.  It was exciting and fabulous and the talk of the town.  By the next weekend, the snow began to melt and fog began to develop as the temperature rose.  A kind of bleak and stony silence took over, and neutralized the initial excitement.  It made me think of that post-holiday time frame in January where everyone has to recover from the holiday whirl wind.  It’s sort of sad that its over, ya know?  But at the same time… there is SO much to look forward to.

I’ve been taking my time this week, getting back into a routine with the kids.  I’m finally feeling better (read: not napping for 2 hours every afternoon and then falling asleep around 7:30 every night), so I’m able to kick it up a notch.  The copious amounts of tea I have been drinking may be helping (oh my gosh, decaf. Don’t go all nutty on me. I can’t have caffeine).  I’ve actually been looking forward to this time for awhile.  I decided that I’d take on less work than I do in the Fall time to give myself a chance to work on some quilts for the girls. I had bought the material for them back in March when we were planning our move to this house. Thaya had picked purple for her room color, and I did NOT want purple in the bedding or any accents in the room, so I was very particular when I went material shopping (I didn’t want any pink, either).  I’m really happy with how the top has turned out!  I had cut all the fabric before we moved, and just started the piecing process this week.

To piece my squares, I layed out the twin sized quilt that was on Thaya’s bed on the floor, and I used that as a template.  I laid out my squares in strips, and ended up with four strips.  I put a border between them and around the edges.  Right now it is measuring 89×65 and I really hope it doesn’t shrink that much after I’m done!
I know I’ve done SO much wrong on this quilt. I didn’t press my fabric. I was a bit of a slacker with my pinning.  I didn’t press my seams after I put my blocks together.  But, the quilt lays flat and there isn’t any puckering (yet).  Anything you see up in the image above is just because it is just the top laying on another quilt.  There aren’t really any ripples in the top :)

So, now I’ve been busy cutting and piecing together the back. I wasn’t happy with the back that I had originally purchased, so I ran out two days ago and bought a new one.  The lady recommended I buy 4 yards, and I just assumed that would be enough, what her WORKING IN A FABRIC STORE AND MAKING RECOMMENDATIONS AND ALL, but alas, it wasn’t. I went back and bought two more yards yesterday.  I was hoping to start basting it today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow or the next day, since I still don’t have the back pieced.

I have had a lot of satisfaction in the process so far, and I can see myself taking a lot more care in terms or pressing the seems and such when I work on Aubrie’s.  I’m pretty proud of myself, it being my first undertaking and all, but I am a little nervous about the quilting and binding.  I’m considering sending it along to a professional, but at the same time I’m going to have to learn sometime, right? I just feel like maybe I should learn on something smaller like a place mat.  Or oven mitt.

Hope you are recovering as well.  January is upon and, and February is creeping in.  Spring is actually a flicker on the horizon right now, but I don’t find myself wishing for it just yet :)


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  • It’s a lovely quilt! Congratulations.