{he’s getting SO big!} Westfield New Jersey Baby Photographer

I’m going to keep referring to this little guy as Baby {J} because I know his time as a baby is so fleeting.  He’s already grown so much since he came into the world, and I know first hand that it really is a futile attempt to try to get our little ones to slow down.  I know that he is going to be at least cruising around by our next session, which is what is just so amazing about these sessions!  We first saw him when he was only awake for a small amount during the day, and we’re going to end the Grow with Me series with him running and talking up a storm.  AMAZING!

Here are some more images from the session…

He had a death grip on that winkle, and I can’t blame him.  Those things are awesome.

Such a beautiful family!

Cutest. Hat. Ever.

I think that this next image is my favorite from the session.  I love the light and the tones, I love the movement of the sheet, I love his little feet poking out from underneath.  It feels like we are catching a glimpse at such an intimate moment between a mom and her son.  And you just KNOW that he is squealing under that sheet because making the bed is SO much fun with babies!

I love baby toes. I seriously have to control myself, otherwise there would be pictures of baby toes all over my house, and that would probably be a little weird.

The eyes!  Oh, the eyes.  I wonder if he’ll keep them. He’s 6 months in these images – but Thaya’s eyes didn’t stop changing until she got hair – AFTER her 2nd birthday!!

Again, an intimate moment between mom and babe.  (psssssst, I love the light in this spot of the house. I’d hang here all the time with a cup of tea, some good tunes, and my macbook if I could)

Hope you enjoy the images from your session, {M} Family! I’m looking forward to session #3!



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  • I love your photos more and more each time! The one with him lying on the blue and white design floor is just adorable!