{Happy Weekend!} Westfield, New Jersey Child Photographer

Just so you know, I can finally bribe reward Brie Bear for “good camera behavior”.  She got a chocolate covered berry for the one below.  Now, at no time did I say “smile for the camera”.  This is a genuine smile that she gave me after we made fishy faces together (see above), and she got the berry for taking time away from her activities (she was in the middle of dressing her mermaid or something) to help me out.  She didn’t know she was going to get one.  This child has text book responses to intermittent reinforcement!

Speaking of little girls who are growing like weeds before my very eyes….

can you believe that Lily is sitting in the Bumbo? I am sorta shocked.  This means things like “sleep training” and “solids” and before we know it… “crawling”.  Ugh. She’s basically married already.

Enjoy your weekend :)



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  • Such adorable little girls. And Lily’s little headband and bunny slippers–I die!