{Happy Valentine’s Day} New Jersey Photographer

We’re here to end it,
I said & she said, No,
we’re here to begin it
& then she turned &
opened her arms
& everywhere I could see,
there were people,
like bright birds, calling
with a thousand voices
& suddenly I understood.

Here is where it begins.
With all of us, together
giving our daughters
a world worth loving
for a lifetime to come.

– Storypeople

(This is especially for my husband who has given me a lifetime and two beautiful daughters.  I love you.)

  • Mairin

    which one was this? I’m going to say this is an isolation shot with very low apreture because of how even the stem is blurred and the floor is crazy blurred??? Thanks for a great mentoring session today!

  • Yes, you are right! I think my aperture was set around 3.5 on this one. Great spot on that, mairin!

    Can you also spot what about the composition makes it balanced?

  • Granna

    I haven’t a clue why this photo is beautiful. I’m just grateful you knew how to make it beautiful! Love you!

  • Mairin

    uh oh … um, there are three things (the vase, the bud and the leaf)…and it fills the frame…and i don’t know darn it!

    ps – can you send me an example of how you made the bokeh a certain shape? and the directions on how to do it?

    Thanks Professor!

  • Matt

    I love this thank you so much Meg! I love you!