{Happy Spring} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!  Some film images taken with my Canon AE-1 lately.  These were shot with either Kodak Extar 100 or Fuji Superia 400.

After years of no interest, I have found her sneaking away with my iPhone and taking pictures using Hipstamatic.  I’m thrilled.  We went on a photowalk together last Wednesday, and she requested another one today!  The following are some images that she asked me to talk on our walk (she has a thing for magnolias! I have some cherry and azalea pictures I’ll share in the next day or two…)

I’m sort of loving film. I’m also sort of loving how I already feel like my film images have a certain feel to them, a certain style. I know it is SO cheesy to say this… but I’ve just sort of… clicked with film!
Do you have any film shots that you can share?  Any inspiring images shot with film, or perhaps any photographers who shoot film that you’d like to share? I’m always looking for inspiration!