{Happy Happy Birthday, Baby…} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

I remember clearly the day Thaya was born.  I remember the whole week leading up to it.  That pregnancy was not good for me at all.  At 17 weeks I had an appendectomy, only to be followed by terrible kidney stones and the insertion of a stent.  They had to induce me at 38 weeks because the stent needed to be removed asap, so after driving to the hospital in the middle of an ice storm and massive flooding, I began my 52 hours of labor.  Yea, the induction didn’t go so well in the beginning.  Once my water broke, I welcomed my first baby girl in under 3 hours.  Over the years, she has been a joy, a challenge and full of surprises.  She was a wonderful baby, was an absolute terror at 18 months, was a joy at two, and went back into terror mode at 2.5 yrs.

She capped off her third year with an amazingly sweet and gentle disposition and the ability to use her words with ease.  She can be reasoned with, is beginning to understand consequences, and is doing her best to be patient and kind with her little sister (who also is going through her “terrible 18-months” at the moment).

I love this little girl, and I hope that she has a fun filled birthday full of excitement, surprises, and strawberry shortcake (her request, not mine!)


PS – just want to thank you all for the kind comments you’ve been leaving over the past few weeks.  As you may remember we are trying to get our house sold, our new house ready, find a mover, and pack. Things have been insane. I’ve been browsing your blogs on my phone, but haven’t been taking the time to comment.  Just know that I’m there, and I appreciate you stopping by despite my lack of comments!

And, thanks so much for all of your words about my cupcake image over at iheartfaces.  I was seriously honored to have been chosen as the fourth place photo!

  • Happy Birthday to your sweet girl and big mama hugs to you, Meg! I hope you both have a great day! Oh, and things get really good at 3 1/2! xo

  • happy birthday, thaya! it’s amazing to watch her blossom into a little girl :O)

  • Happy Birthday Thaya! So crazy how fast they grow up! My “baby” is starting kindergarten in a few months!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!