{Happy Anniversary} Westfield, New Jersey Family Photographer

As Matt so eloquently wrote in his card to me today, this year we’ve had some of the highest highs and the lowest lows.  We’re just so blessed to have each other through it all.  I can’t imagine there being anyone else who could be more perfectly my other.  He really is my one.

So, thank you, sweetie.  Another year of laughter and love, anger and tears, surprises and disappointments.  We really can handle it all together, and this year has really proven that.  Where some couples are driven apart when faced with the lows that we have had, we are brought closer together.  I think that this is one reason why the highs are so high.  We’ve earned it :)

So, here’s to our 6th.  I’ve got faith that we will tackle #7 with as much force as the last.  Let’s just hope that our challenges are more like waves lapping at the beach instead of an excruciating roller coaster.  Let’s continue to send positive vibes to the universe, we will be sure to get some in return.

Dee-de-de-da-dee-dee-do-da. I love you.