Hand Embroidered Pillows

I’ve had some pillow forms laying around for ages, and I haven’t had the guts to try a pillow.  Around Christmas, I discovered two pieces of linen blend that I had embroidered the girls names on.  Call me ambitious (or crazy), but I decided on Christmas Eve Eve (ha) to turn the embroideries into pillows for the girls.

Everything came out great. I had 14″ pillow forms on hand, and they happened to be really plush, so I decided to make my front and back at 14″ – I was afraid if I did them any smaller that it would put a lot of pressure on the seams.  Even still, these are some really plump pillows.

The first one, for Aubrie,  was a little slow going as I’d never made a pillow before.  I’m also still (stiiiiill) having issues with concentration, focus, and memory from my concussion, so even measuring and calculating twice wasn’t enough.

The second one, for Thaya, went much quicker as I was smart enough to correct my measurements as I went along on the first one.  The second one took me about 1.5 hrs to make, which I think is still sort of slow, so I’ll blame it on my head injury (like everything else!).  I quilted the patchwork and embroidered front to fusible fleece, and then I attached an envelope back.  I even went ahead and finished my edges with an overlapping zigzag stitch and cut my corners.  How profesional of me :)

I’m really happy with how they came out, but I’m not sure about the negative space around the name. Maybe I’m just being too uptight?  I am thinking that I will go ahead and embroider some flowers or bumblebees to make it feel a bit more unified with the patchwork.

What do you think? More embroidery, or Keep-it-Simple?

  • I LOVE these just the way they are — they’re gorgeous! You could totally open up an etsy shop and sell just these! :)

  • They’re lovely, and the space around the names makes them stand out against the patchwork. Definitely keep it simple, less is always more!

  • I like them as-is!