Equilateral Triangle Memory Quilt

Title: Equilateral Triangle Memory Quilt

Dimensions: approximately 65″ x 86″  – a large lap quilt, picnic blanket, and could be used on a twin bed.

Fabric: My customer sent me about 60 napkins that she had used at her wedding. I created a template for a 7″ tall equilateral triangle to cut the napkins up for the quilt.  I think that the combination of fabrics and their strong geometric patterns really make this a dynamic quilt.

The Process: Since the napkins had seams, the only usable part for the quilt was an area within the seams.  I was able to get about 5-6 triangles out of each napkin.  Once they were all cut, I used my design wall to lay them out.  Since my customer wanted a twin sized quilt, they went up onto my design board in two installments.  I also created a hand embroidered patch for the back of the quilt to help commemorate their special day.

Quilting: Quilting lines followed the diagonals of the triangles, creating a great diamond effect on the back of the quilt.  I quilted about 1/4″ on either side of the seam in a medium gray cotton thread by Aurifil.  I think that the gray stitching really popped on the backing, adding some texture to the simple backing.  This quilt is SUPER soft because all of the napkins had been washed and used a number of times before being made into a quilt.

What Needs to be Done:  This has already been sent to my customer, so all that is left is years and years of cuddles under the quilt.

For Next Time: I’’m going to do the horizontal quilting lines, not just the diagonal triangle lines.