{End of Summer} Westfield, New Jersey Food Photographer

I started to feel the Fall itch last week as I sorted through my 2009 files for my 2010 Fall Series.  In the process, I noticed that I needed to supplement with some “fake fall” images from this year.  I really got into the mood for crisp weather, the smell of hot dogs at the football games, and the smell of crunchy leaves as I collected acorns and the dozen or so leaves that have already changed and fallen.

The weather is still hot here – I believe it is in the 90s today.  Yesterday morning I sat outside in short with an iced tea.  We tried to pretend it was fall, through the humidity and summer sun – I convinced the girls to run around the yard and try to catch the leaves as they floated down from the trees.  The leaves were really few and far between.  I can feel it coming, but Fall isn’t quite here yet.  Even though I am happily anticipating the beginning of a new season, I realized something yesterday afternoon when I was at the market…

Peaches are here.

Peaches really mark the end of summer for me, I don’t know why.  I don’t have any specific peachy memories.  I’m straining to think of one thing that stands out to me involving peaches and the end of summer, but I’ve got nothing.  I guess it is a new thing for me.  I’ve been craving them over the past week or so as I’ve seen my photo friends posting pictures of their great fruit finds.  I’ve thought to myself, “I could reeeeeally go for the smell of a peach cobbler baking in the oven…” but never thought to go out and get some.

As I entered the market, they were stacked chest high, a dozen to every cute little crate.  I just couldn’t resist.  As I carried my peaches, pizza dough, and mozzerella cheese I said to Thaya, “Well, that’s it sweetie.  The end of summer is here.  We may as well go home and savor it.”

So, that is what we will be doing this weekend.  We’ll be dipping our spoons into peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream, enjoying the last days of summer one delicious bite at a time.

What will you be doing to wish summer a fond farewell?