{Don’t Forget to Come Back!} Westfield, New Jersey Baby Photographer

Yes, it’s true.  I’m going to be leaving my little Lily for HOURS today to go out on my first postpartum shoot.

(Please don’t tell her, but I am secretly very excited to do something productive that doesn’t involve toting a newborn, feeding a newborn, changing newborn diapers, and rocking a newborn into a sweet sleep.  But of course I’ll miss her cute smile and her crazy eyes!)

Don’t worry, Lily. I won’t forget to come back.  How could I?!? Look at you!!

I’ll be shooting the 3rd installment of this little guy’s Grow with Me package.  He is a year old now! I can’t believe it.  It seems like just last week I was shocked by learning that I’d be shooting a premie series instead of a maternity series.  Keep an eye out for his sneak peek over the next few days.