Dogwood Blossom Sampler Quilt

Many of the projects that I am working on right now are gifts for other people.  I love creating, especially for other people, because it makes me feel like what I am doing is meaningful.  It is really nice to see the look of gratitude on someones face when you hand them a package and say, “I made this for you.”
The only down side is that I can’t blog about what I’m working on while it is in-progress.  You know what they say about walls and ears and all that.
But I am happy to welcome in the weekend with a little in-progress post.  

A few months ago, I participated in Curves Class held by Rachel from Stitched in Color.  I have been incredibly eager to learn new techniques, and I figure what better way than to do it online.  I have the benefit of working in a class-like setting with a teacher and other students, but I also have the benefit of doing it at my own pace and in my own space.  I loved the class, and walked away with a beautiful quilt at the end (no pictures yet, it is a gift!).

When she said she was going to offer a Handstitched Class, I jumped at the opportunity to once again take a class with her.

As you can see through the link to her blog, there are a lot of weekly projects to choose from.  I know with the amount of time that I have (not a lot. Most of it is taken up by being a stay-at-home mom of three, professional photographer, etc etc), I can only focus on one project a week.  This time around she is offering a sampler quilt, and each week you add on to the quilt with another handstitching technique.

This is my quilt at the end of week one – a reverse applique dogwood blossom.  I’m looking to next week – hand embroidery.  It is the whole reason why I took this class, so I can finally make some labels for the quilts that I have made!

Enjoy your weekend!

  • Sweet floral fabric, Meg and I also like that tiny little stripe. Off to a great start, for sure!

    You’re new blog is very cute. I like the clean graphics.

  • Thanks so much for stopping by, Rachel, and for your kind words :)