{Celebrate} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

We had a lot of things to celebrate this past weekend, the most exciting of which involved my dear husband.  He passed his PE test, which is a huge milestone in his career.  We’re not sure if he passed with flying colors, in fact I really wonder about that.  The first thing he said when he opened the congratulatory note was, “Wow, they reeeeally must have curved it!” A pass is a pass in my book, and now we get to breath yet another collective sigh of relief.  That test came in the middle of some really tough times for us, and he hardly found time to study for it.  He had already pushed it off once before, but yet found no time to study regardless.  In the end, it appears that the hours that he put in towards the end were well worth it.

I’m so very proud of him, and this huge accomplishment!  We celebrated by spending Monday at the beach with some close family friends.  It was a great day, and I left the camera at home with the intent of truly relaxing and living in the moment. It was glorious.
Unfortunately our weekend recovery didn’t go as planned as Tea came down with a virus.  We’ve been trying to rehydrate and take it easy, which means a lot of fluids and a lot of movies.  Unfortunately it is way to hot and humid outside for someone recovering from a bug.

Later this week: Two amazing sessions that I did will be posted on the blog! Stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!



  • PE as in professional engineer? thats what it stands for here in NC but im not sure, since we are in different parts of the country. anywho, if it’s not what it stands for, just skip the rest of this. haha :)

    my dad is a PLS and he owns an engineering/land surveying company. i have worked there for the past 6 years as the office manager/accounting gal/gopher :)

  • Yes, exactly that!! We’re all so proud :) so funny you are in such a similar enciornmemt!

  • neato!! well, BIG congrats to him! around here that test is pretty tough, i’m sure it is there too :)