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I have been dedicated to taking a picture a day for years.  In fact, I am now in my fourth year of doing it, and as of the day that this post has been written, I have taken a photo every single day, on my iPhone, for the last 1,097 days.  When I originally wrote…

  • Terri

    You are amazing! Three kids, a business, hobbies, photography, etc etc and you take the time to write this wonderful article that helped me tons! Thank you. I’m deciding if I’m going to make the commitment.
    Love, Terri

  • Great post, this was really helpful. I’ve also tried this once before and never finished. I was using my dslr and just couldn’t find the time to set up equipment and carry it around with me all the time. I recently purchased a smartphone and I’m pretty impressed with it’s camera and thought about trying it again. This post gave me some great ideas and I think I’m going to try again.

    Your photos are terrific and hope you have a great new year. Cheers.

Day 7 Day 8 Playing catch-up.  Have had mastitis for days now, and although I’m taking tons of antiobiotics and ibuprofen, I still feel terrible, having hot-flashes and chills, and a pretty constant temp of 101.  I’m trying to take it easy, but that’s sort of hard to do with three kids. Happy Wednesday to…

  • sending healing thoughts your way!

  • Oh dear! I hope you are feeling better and all is going well with your little ones. Hugs from far away.