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I have been dedicated to taking a picture a day for years.  In fact, I am now in my fourth year of doing it, and as of the day that this post has been written, I have taken a photo every single day, on my iPhone, for the last 1,097 days.  When I originally wrote…

  • Terri

    You are amazing! Three kids, a business, hobbies, photography, etc etc and you take the time to write this wonderful article that helped me tons! Thank you. I’m deciding if I’m going to make the commitment.
    Love, Terri

  • Great post, this was really helpful. I’ve also tried this once before and never finished. I was using my dslr and just couldn’t find the time to set up equipment and carry it around with me all the time. I recently purchased a smartphone and I’m pretty impressed with it’s camera and thought about trying it again. This post gave me some great ideas and I think I’m going to try again.

    Your photos are terrific and hope you have a great new year. Cheers.

  This piece was recently accepted in to a show at LITM in Jersey City.  The show is called Child’s Play and runs from July 2nd through August 5th, 2013.  The opening is on July 2nd, and if you are local, I hope that you will stop by to say hello!  The process for entering…

  • Aeleen

    Love your photo! I especially can use the advise on getting over myself. I very critical of my photos and I need to remember I’m a novice and move on from there. I’m not as good as most photos out there, but I can be….

    Good luck in the show. It represents so many good things in life. Not everyone has fireflies. I’m so glad you do!

  • Matt

    Great tips!!

This may be the first time that I am admitting to the fact that I have CBO (Craft Book Obsession).  My need for craft books began around the same time that I started blogging, around 2003.  At the time, I had learned how to knit, and immediately needed to buy every single pretty knitting book out there….

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  • I love craft books too! My currently collecting habits lean more towards painting and art, though I’m not averse to some new quilty books!