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The Polaroid Sew-Along Guide: Choosing your Shadow and Sashing

This post is a part of my series on color. For more posts in this series, click here. For the first post which gives a basic introduction to COLOR terms and definitions, click here! The second post which covers the color wheel and more in-depth theories can be found here. This post is meant to work in…

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The Polaroid Sew-Along: Changing the Size of Your Blocks

To find the other Polaroid Sew-Along posts and tutorials, please head over to the Polaroid Sew-Along Page! The Polaroid Sew-Along Any Size Guide I think that one of the BEST parts of this sew-along is that there really aren’t any restrictions to the types of finished project you can make. You can plan your project…

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Pieced Spider Web Block Tutorial

The Low Key Bee Back in November (I think?) I joined in a sewing bee for 201 7. The concept was to get a group of ladies together of varying sewing abilities to participate in a low key, laid back sewing bee. Et voila! The Low Key Bee was born. So far we have made…

Instagram Basics for Sewists and Quilters: Joining, Posting, and Getting Involved

Instagram for Sewists and Quilters (and Crafters of all kinds!) This post is meant to be used in conjunction with Sew-Alongs and Giveaways that may have eligibility guidelines revolving around Instagram. It is geared towards individuals who do not yet have instagram, who feel unfamiliar with the platform and community, or those who may be…

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