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Summer is well underway here in NJ, and I’m having so much fun already with the Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along! Remember, you can find the original tutorial for the block by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE. As I wrote the tutorials for the Sew-Along, it dawned on me that much of what I was…

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For all of the 2017 Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along posts, please visit the Sew-Along Page HERE Remember, you can find the original tutorial for the block by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE. Making the Block Now that we have an idea of the Sew-Along rules, as well as a sewing timeline and the fabric…

  • Tutti

    Great tutorial and so helpful! Thank you! I saw this pattern on Cotton and Steel and considered putting a row down the middle, like their pattern, since my quilt is not scrappy, but hand picked. What do you think?

  • I think that it will be spectacular if you do it that way. Would you repeat the four blocks plus the strip to create a repeating pattern with the diamond? I will be posting another tutorial on creating the negative space within the next week. Just have to get the fabric to make the blocks!

  • I decided to split the seams, doing that little turn thing that creates a pinwheel effect to the seams.  Best of both worlds, seams are flat and you don’t have to worry about open seams closing up.

To find the other Polaroid Sew-Along posts and tutorials, please head over to the Polaroid Sew-Along Page! Creating a Titled Block As we move along in the Sew-Along, I want to start to you to start thinking about your layout. Are you planning on creating a quilt with your blocks? Maybe you were leaning more towards…


This post is a part of my series on color. For more posts in this series, click here. For the first post which gives a basic introduction to COLOR terms and definitions, click here! The second post which covers the color wheel and more in-depth theories can be found here. This post is meant to work in…

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