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Embroidery Resource Guide

Embroidery is a method of embellishment. It is most commonly thought of decorating a material, such as fabric, using a needle and thread, but is not necessarily limited to fabric and thread.  The term “Embroidery” can be used as an umbrella term for many different styles and techniques. Just as with quilting you have improv,…

Quilt Pattern Tutorial: Square-in-Square Block

Square-in-Square Block Tutorial For PERFECT Square-in-Square Blocks every time!! The Square-in-Square Block is a quick and easy traditional quilt block. It is commonly used as a transition block, whether between two blocks in a quilt, or as a way to create some negative space in a repetitive block pattern. It is also a block that…

  • Nice job as always Meg!!! 

  • […] This pattern has been designed with the beginner in mind, but even a seasoned sewist/quilter will enjoy the process. The pattern calls for a special half-square triangle technique, and all of the instructions for the techniques used in the quilt are explained using both written directions and full color diagrams. The quilt also uses Square-in-Square blocks, and lucky for you, I just released a step-by-step tutorial on how to make PERFECT Square in Square Blocks HERE! […]

  • Julie

    This makes neat flying geese blocks too

5 Tips for Strip Piecing Success

Summer is well underway here in NJ, and I’m having so much fun already with the Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along! Remember, you can find the original tutorial for the block by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE. As I wrote the tutorials for the Sew-Along, it dawned on me that much of what I was…

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The 2017 Summer Trip Around the World: Making the Block

For all of the 2017 Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along posts, please visit the Sew-Along Page HERE Remember, you can find the original tutorial for the block by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE. Making the Block Now that we have an idea of the Sew-Along rules, as well as a sewing timeline and the fabric…

  • Tutti

    Great tutorial and so helpful! Thank you! I saw this pattern on Cotton and Steel and considered putting a row down the middle, like their pattern, since my quilt is not scrappy, but hand picked. What do you think?

  • I think that it will be spectacular if you do it that way. Would you repeat the four blocks plus the strip to create a repeating pattern with the diamond? I will be posting another tutorial on creating the negative space within the next week. Just have to get the fabric to make the blocks!

  • I decided to split the seams, doing that little turn thing that creates a pinwheel effect to the seams.  Best of both worlds, seams are flat and you don’t have to worry about open seams closing up.

The Polaroid Sew-Along Tutorial: Creating a Tilted Block

To find the other Polaroid Sew-Along posts and tutorials, please head over to the Polaroid Sew-Along Page! Creating a Titled Block As we move along in the Sew-Along, I want to start to you to start thinking about your layout. Are you planning on creating a quilt with your blocks? Maybe you were leaning more towards…