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{63rd Primetime Emmy Awards!} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

Have you heard the news?  Tea & Brie Photography has been given the opportunity to provide work for the Press bags that will be distributed at the GBK Gift Lounge at the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards!  This is sort of big for me.  Really REALLY big.  Even bigger than my 33 week pregnant belly,…

  • Jennifer

    After reading your criteria, I have a couple of questions and a few suggestions that may or may not help.

    First. The size. That seems rather small to consider as part of a display that you may hope to find used by the receiver and have it make any kind of real impact. Now there maybe size constraints placed on you I am not aware of, likewise, I am sure cost is an issue for you (who wouldn’t be concerned about that without a guarantee return investment). So I’m wondering if maybe a collection of (3) 2.5 x 3.5’s might be an option. Either three simple images that work well together or of 1 image in a panoramic set up: a piece of the image on each eco-mount. The later to me makes a better impact and will more likely be able to accomplish what you are wanting in the flexible department, goal oriented AND public appeal.

    I agree with you in needing a broad amount of flexibility. Martha Stewart, like her or not, has an immense amount of clout, power and pull. (When I typed 63rd Annual Emmy Awards in my yahoo is the first link it pulled up. She’s on the top of the game). I think if you think in terms of appealing to her, the others will fall in place. While she has a distinct style that she has nurtured, she and her team can and do pull from whatever material they think they can mold to fit her vision. She’s also the one most likely to recommend products and with such a large multiple media reach she will likely be able to touch the greatest amount of people. With that in mind, the only thing I eliminate for consideration would be portraitures. I’d be less concerned about trying to be a photographer that appeals to all and select based on how your style fits into what you want to accomplish. Personally I could never see your work at home in a lodge/wood paneled room or even in an industrial-styled home. Your personalities just don’t match. So it would too hard to make it fit. However, I could see your easily at home in a beach front home, a traditional home, a cottage, victorian homes, etc. So again, the Martha Stewart appeal I think would serve the big picture I’m understanding you are wanting to accomplish. (The whole 95/5 paradigm)

    Being in graphic design for as long as I have, I would say, they are starting to work on the publication NOW. We roughly work 3 months ahead on big publications, so that is definitely something you are right to be aware of.

    I will visit your flickr stream again and browse with your criteria in mind and see what, at least for me, stands out.

    I’m really truly excited for you!!!

  • Hey Jennifer! Thanks for your feedback!

    I’ve decided to go with 2.5 x 3.5 because they will not be displayed, they are merely samples that will be included in press bags. I’m already over $15 per bag, so I can’t do anything more than the 2.5 x 3.5, and I think that the eco-mount will make more of an impact than just a print. The idea is just to get them to contact me and perhaps order something more, and between the item, packaging, and my card/bio, I’m hoping to rope a few calls or inquiries.

    In terms of style, I didn’t necessarily mean a lodge or industrial, I meant more the “mod” style that is so popular right now – that urban outfitters type retro whimsy DIY craft centered movement that seems to be popular with the 20 and 30-somethings. The whisper in the trees series and even the clementine grouping would fit that type of style I think. But, I know what you mean, its important to find something that really fits my style and reflects who I am because whoever is going to be looking for things for whatever magazine with make it fit their vision if they like it.

    Let me know if you have a print or two in mind, I value everyone’s opinion on this!!