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Fabric Choices - Teal, Red, and White

I have been keeping busy with sewing and quilting lately because it is something quick that I can do when I have some down time.  I still love knitting, don’t get my wrong, but when I sew, I can see progress after a quick 20-30 minutes.  A little bit each day, and before I know it, I have a finished project!

Just like with knitting, scrapbooking, and photography, I am completely self-taught at sewing and quilting.  I don’t mind the “fly by the seat of your pants” attitude that I can adopt while sewing; however, despite countless hours searching online, some things are just better learned in a teaching environment with specific lessons and a teacher-student dialog.

With three kids, a business, and a house to run, I don’t really have time to travel to a “local” (I use the term loosely, we don’t really have any local fabric… boutiques around) shop to take a class, and I don’t have the funds to go to camp.  Thank goodness for the internet!

Rachel from Stitched in Color took a leap of faith and is in the process of making sewing/quilting/crafting a source of income (good for you, Rachel!  As one small business owner to another, live your dreams, and live them BIG).  She opened up registration for Curves Classes (as in, sewing curves…) and I knew I had to jump in, and jump in FAST.  She may not realize it, but she is pretty darn good at what she does, and I knew the class was going to be in high demand.  I went for the “full service” option, and registered for Curves Camp.  A little more intimate than the base class and the premium class, Curves Camp has weekly chats, a private blog, an e-book at the completion of the course, and a merit badge system to encourage students to start and FINISH projects.

Scalloped Bunting from Curves Camp. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

The first project was a scalloped bunting. So cute! I feel that practice makes perfect, and even though this project was listed as “easy peasy,” I knew that I had to do it.  Sure enough, I made mistakes, and I feel that I’ve learned a few things.  For example, measure measure measure, check the pattern, measure again, recheck the pattern, measure one more time, and then spend hours making hand cut and folded bias tape.  Because if you don’t measure measure measure, check, measure, etc., you are going to end up with the wrong size tape and end up buying pre-made tape in the end anyway (I’m sure I’ll find a use for the 6 yards of 1/4″ polka dot bias tape some day)!

I also learned that no matter what I am sewing, no matter the thickness of the thread, no matter how many layers of fabric, if I am using a walking foot on my machine, I have to go slower or else my tension will go crazy.  Half of the stitches the upper tension wasn’t tight enough, but I found if I slowed down, it was fine.

Week 1 Project 2 was baby bibs.  Perfect!  Stay tuned for an adorable baby modeling wonky bibs tomorrow (ok, they aren’t that wonky.  In fact, I’m pretty proud of myself)!!

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  • Meg, you are too kind. Thanks for the little pep talk =) Really. I adore your bunting. That flower/star print is one I’ve been hankering for. Nice to see it being used in such a pretty way. Hope you’re not too tired at the chat tonight!