Hello Friends! Welcome back to In the Spotlight. Today I will be giving you an interview with a woman who is not just a quilter, but a pattern designer, pattern explorer, teacher, and all around amazing woman! I am so excited to share this interview with you, especially because the interview-ee, Bonnie Hunter, is the quilter…

  • Suellen

    I follow Bonnie regularly and enjoy all her blogs whether they are sewing related or something about her life and travels. She brightens my day every day. 

  • Quiltnut

    Wonderful interview!

  • Doris Bradshaw

    Thank you for the wonderful interview. I now follow your blog as well and I will expect to be overwhelmed! Bring it on!

  • Great Interview! I really enjoyed reading this.

  • joycemrachek

    I really enjoyed the interview with you and Bonnie.  I see you are hooked also on scrappy quilting and what beautiful quilts happens with fabric.  Thanks for sharing

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    Thank you for a great article. Inspired. 

  • Kathy Howard

    I loved Bonnie’s interview.

  • Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!

  • I’m so happy to hear that. Bonnie is such an inspiring woman. It’s hard not to just drop everything and sew after chatting with her!

  • Absolutely! Our craft is truly magnificent, and I’m so glad that we are all able to come together to share our passions. Thank you for stopping by!

  • I’m so glad you loved it! Thanks for taking a look!!

  • I’m so glad to have you on board. I absolutely love connecting with others and I’m so happy to “meet” you!

  • Thank you so much for saying so! She really is an amazing woman!

  • I agree! She is such a light in this community. So glad that she gave us a peak into her world!

  • So nice to hear Bonnie talk about how she started quilting, some of the changes in her life along with her moving forward doing what she loves.

  • JB

    I started out focused on modern quilting and first visited Bonnie’s blog for a technique tutorial.  Now I read her blog and Instagram every day.  She’s fantastic, and a real motivator. And someone you would really just like to know.

  • Delores 6

    I would like to know more about Bonnie s childhood and her growing up years. 

Summer is well underway here in NJ, and I’m having so much fun already with the Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along! Remember, you can find the original tutorial for the block by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE. As I wrote the tutorials for the Sew-Along, it dawned on me that much of what I was…

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For all of the 2017 Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along posts, please visit the Sew-Along Page HERE Remember, you can find the original tutorial for the block by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE. Making the Block Now that we have an idea of the Sew-Along rules, as well as a sewing timeline and the fabric…

  • Tutti

    Great tutorial and so helpful! Thank you! I saw this pattern on Cotton and Steel and considered putting a row down the middle, like their pattern, since my quilt is not scrappy, but hand picked. What do you think?


  • I think that it will be spectacular if you do it that way. Would you repeat the four blocks plus the strip to create a repeating pattern with the diamond? I will be posting another tutorial on creating the negative space within the next week. Just have to get the fabric to make the blocks!

  • I decided to split the seams, doing that little turn thing that creates a pinwheel effect to the seams.  Best of both worlds, seams are flat and you don’t have to worry about open seams closing up.

For all of the 2017 Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along posts, please visit the Sew-Along Page HERE Remember, you can find the original tutorial by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE. Hello! Hello, Friends! Welcome back to the Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along! Today I am here with a very quick post with some suggested “optional”…

  • julie soden

    would love a tutorial for the Canoe Ridges trip around the world variation

  • Tutti

    I would like to try Megan’s look. Could you explain how to accomplish it using strips? I appreciate it!

  • Hi Tutti! I will definitly create a post on how to get a similar look with strips. Stay tuned!

  • You’ve got it, Julie! I’ll get one up soon!

  • […] now you should have already printed out your coloring page and checked out some inspiring Trip Around the World Quilts on Pinterest. If you are doing a true […]

  • tutti

    Thank you, Meg. I’m picking fabrics now and I’m not clear on how many fabrics are needed for the one with negative space. My quilt is not going to be scrappy, but I’m picking specific fabrics to work with. I appreciate it!

  • I guess that depends on how “scrappy” you want to make it, or how many fabrics you want to have on those strong diagonals. I personally use 3-5 fabrics if I am trying to “showcase” them. If I am trying to create a more “scrappy” look, I use a minimum of 9 different fabrics!