Bits and Pieces

I haven’t been able to really do a whole lot of work on my quilts lately because of my head.  I’ve been suffering from severe headaches since August 1st; I have nerve damage around the C1 and C2 vertebrates, and the pain and pressure builds throughout the day.  Looking up or down irritates it further, so you can see how spending time at the ironing board, cutting board, and/or sewing machine proves to be difficult!

I have been able to do a few things, like start to design quilt layouts that I’m planning on selling in my Etsy shop.  Here are a few of the half square triangle and hst/patchwork combos that I’ve thought of offering:

I’ll also add stripes, chevron, zigzag, diamonds, all over patchwork, patchwork with boards, some circle quilts, and some stacked coins to the options.
I’ve also been doing a few embroidery hoop projects, the first of which was a custom order that sold, but I have another listing up for a set of hoops that I made while I was making the custom order so that my customer had a few choices for the layout of her hoops.  I hand drew the airplane and its loop-d-loop trail, and then translated it into the hand embroidered hoops.
You can find them here.  Aren’t they cute?? You can hang them with or without the fabric, or even just lean them up on a mantle or shelf.  They would be great in a nursery or child’s room, or would work perfectly in a nursery!
I’ve also been doing some sketches for personalized name hoops.  I have a few different ideas, and this is the first one that I’ve gone ahead and embroidered. I really love it.  I’m glad that I decided to make the first bunch with my girls’ names so that I can keep them for myself!

This hoop has the name in a lilac and the heart in shades of mauve.  I *adore* it.  I think I’ll make separate listings for the different color combos that I offer.  Right now I’m going to offer them on cotton/linen blend in natural, gray, linen, and putty.  They are really nice, neutral colors that give me a lot of options for the floss.
So, I haven’t been doing much work on the computer, but I have been trying to keep my hands busy to keep my spirits up.  Let me tell you, it is pretty depressing to wake up every morning for 9 straight weeks with a killer headache.  But I get some joy out of making these, and I’ll be even happier if I actually sell them!
What have you been up to these past few weeks?
Happy Saturday!